Fellows 2011

Angela Shen, Princeton University

I’m a rising sophomore studying Economics at Princeton University in New Jersey. I was born and raised in Beijing, China, but I’ve lived in Vancouver, Canada for most of my life. My interests and pastimes are diverse, ranging from horseback riding, snowboarding and shooting, to painting, dancing and sunbathing. I was a former member of the Canadian National Table Tennis Team and am a current member of the Princeton University Cheerleading Squad. Of course, I am always more than happy to try new things!

I was interested in joining the Crimson Summer Exchange program because I have a desire to teach as well as an appetite for learning. I want to take an academic idea that I am passionate about and transform it into something more meaningful that can affect change as a venture. Spending the summer in Hong Kong and Beijing with other bright, motivated fellows from across the globe would expose me to a wide array of innovative ideas and inspire me to expand my scope of knowledge. As always, I am most excited about meeting new people and getting to know everyone throughout the course of the program.

Anne Bishop, Harvard University

I just received my master’s degree in Mind, Brain and Education, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I grew up in northern California and began a Pilates studio in 2002.  I came to Cambridge, MA last year and had an amazing experience with a great group of professors and students. I enjoy connecting with new cultures, traveling, and how to join ideas and people together. 

Crimson Summer Exchange seems well aligned with my interests of cultural exchange and bringing different young people together. I am most excited about meeting and learning from new students and sharing my educational and entrepreneurial experiences.


Belinda Pang, Harvard University

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and I am a rising junior at Harvard, where I am studying Economics and Government. Outside of classes, I am a case team leader for the Harvard College Consulting Group, a social chair for the Harvard Hong Kong Society, and the director of a mentoring program in Boston’s Chinatown. In my free time, I enjoy trying new foods and restaurants, singing karaoke, and running.

As the youngest of three daughters, I have been lucky enough to have older siblings to guide me my entire life. This summer, I’m most excited about returning the favor by helping those younger than me and getting to know them as the younger siblings I never had!

Daniel Edeza, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Hello! My name is Daniel Edeza and I am currently at the Harvard Graduate School of Education earning a Master’s in International Education Policy. Originally from Hawthorne, California I enjoy running, hiking, biking, reading, writing, and exploring new places.

I joined the Crimson Exchange Program to learn about Chinese culture and to begin, what I hope will be, a long and fruitful career in education. Having taken several courses in the Teacher Preparation and Education Program at Yale University, I am looking forward to applying all the theory and practice I have been exposed to in a classroom setting. I am excited to meet and work with everyone in the program this summer!


Diana Barnes, Princeton University

I’m a sophomore at Princeton University who grew up in Greenwich, CT, a suburb of New York City. Here I study Comparative Literature with Spanish and Mandarin, and am minoring in Vocal Music Performance. These are two of my passions hence I love learning all different kinds of languages (I also study American Sign) and singing. I’m the music director of the Princeton Katzenjammers, one of the oldest coed collegiate a cappella groups in the nation, and a member of the University Chapel Choir. I enjoy theater, ballet, writing, getting lost (at which I am adept), swapping stories, Starbucks, and Kid Cudi.

I am so eager to start to CSE! My best friend at college was born in China and has been enticing me to travel to Asia for two years now and with CSE in my future I simply can’t wait for summer. I can’t think of anything more exciting than dropping into a whole new cultural world, making new friends, sharing, comparing, and learning with each other.


Elizabeth Paisner, Harvard University

Hey there! My name is Liz, and I’m entering my fourth year at Harvard College. Originally from Washington DC, I’ve also lived in China, Argentina, Switzerland and Japan. At Harvard, when I’m not in my Social Anthropology and East Asian Studies classes, I’m usually at cheerleading practice. I like to cook, eat, watch sports and travel to new places.

I’m thrilled to be a Fellow with the Crimson Summer Exchange because I think that cross-cultural exchange is one of the most rewarding experiences that one can have. I grew up in a very diverse environment, and know that I have benefited immeasurably from being exposed to different perspectives; I hope that this summer has the same impact on students and Fellows alike. I’m really just excited to meet my students!


Linda Qian, Harvard Graduate School of Education 

My name is Linda and I was born in Shanghai, China. I moved to America when I was three-years-old and I have lived in California ever since. I grew up around the Los Angeles area, and I went to school at UCLA. I absolutely love to eat and try new restaurants. During my free time I like to go hiking and traveling. I also like to take photographs. I am a big movie and TV buff, I will watch anything that is good and I love having discussions about recent movies.

I wanted to join this program because it is a good opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture and to share my experiences in growing up in the United States. I feel that this will be a good learning experience for my students and me. I am most excited about exploring Beijing and Hong Kong; I can’t wait to try new foods, explore new areas, and make new friends. 


Mary-Rose Shand, Cambridge University

Hey! I’m Mary-Rose, but known as Rosie. I’m in my second year studying Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge, specializing in Politics. In my spare time I really enjoying participating in whatever musical activity I can – I play piano, violin and clarinet – like small ensembles, orchestras, and going to concerts, but my favorite is ceilidh band, playing Celtic tunes as part of my Scottish roots! In my Cambridge College, Fitzwilliam, I have been on the Junior Member’s Association, like a small students’ union, for two years now, running events in college and looking out for students. I also enjoy reading and spending time with my friends and family – I am very lucky to have three young nephews at home who I love spending time with.

I am very much looking forward to spending time in China and sharing knowledge and experiences with young people. I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend my summer in such a fascinating country and feel very lucky to participate in teaching, and I’m sure it’s going to be a very valuable experience for all involved.


Matthew Williams, Yale University

My name is Matt Williams and I am a sophomore at Yale University studying global affairs and political science. I am originally from Canton, Ohio in the American Midwest. After college I look forward to hopefully spending significant time in China teaching English and I eventually hope to join the United States Foreign Service.

Last year, I spent the summer at Harvard Beijing Academy studying Mandarin and experiencing Chinese culture. I resided at Beijing Language and Cultural University and also had the chance to visit Shanghai and the World Expo. My hobbies include running, reading, and spending time outdoors. I really enjoy meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

I’m excited for CSE 2011 because I am sure that I will be interacting with an enthusiastic group of students who are eager to learn, explore new places, and take their creativity to the next level. This summer, I hope to expand my understanding of this culture and learn as much from you as you will from me


Megan Smith, Cambridge University

I am Megan Smith, currently a second-year student reading English at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge. I am originally from Wrexham, a small town in North Wales. When I am not in the library engrossed in dusty books you will most probably find me on the river training hard with the college Women’s rowing team. Apart from rowing I enjoy helping to organise college events such as our annual Winter Ball, both playing and listening to classical music and dancing.

I was keen to join this program in order to have the opportunity of teaching within a different culture, something I really enjoyed when I taught in Ghana last summer. I am most excited about meeting the students and being able to give lessons on the subjects I am most passionate about. In turn I hope that I am able to learn about the intellectual interests of the students and broaden my own perspectives on certain subjects. 


Monica Anjali Varman, Columbia University

As an international student in New York City, I have had the opportunity to learn from my incredibly diverse and well-traveled peers, and I strongly value and appreciate the benefits of cross-cultural interaction and exchange. I believe the Crimson fellowship summer program will offer me the chance to share my experiences and perspective with the students, and, in turn, to learn from them.

I love to teach, and particularly appreciate the mentoring aspect of the program. The hands-on process of curriculum development and the emphasis on extracurricular activities will allow me to share my passion and interest for creative writing, journalism, and sustainable development with my students. I feel the Crimson fellowship offers me a chance to experience Hong Kong and mainland China first-hand in a way that simply traveling as a tourist could not. 


Rafael A. Raya, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I was born and raised in Texas (United States). I enjoy reading, Tae Kwon Do, and eating anything I've never seen before. I speak English, Spanish, and I'm working on Mandarin Chinese!

After 2 years of studying Chinese, I can't wait to jump into the culture. I am especially excited to start in on all the local cuisine.


Shachi Nathdwarawala, Oxford University

I live in a small little Welsh town near Cardiff, but am originally from India. I’m just finishing my last year of a Law degree with a long awaited gap year to follow! I really love travelling and reading, so I hope to spend next year doing lots of that before starting my job as a solicitor. 

I applied for CSE because it looked like an incredible way to engage with a different culture. Visiting HK and mainland China is itself the thing I’m most looking forward to, because I love to travel as it involves meeting new people and trying lots of different food.


Sonali Campion, Oxford University

I grew up in London but have been studying history in Oxford for the last three years. When I’m not writing essays, I like playing water polo and taking photos. I do a lot of photography for the University newspaper and to publicise drama productions.

I really enjoy teaching and I’m excited about working with young people because I think will be really rewarding and a great way to get an insight into a new culture. I can’t wait to go to China as it’s somewhere I’ve been hoping to visit for a while. 

Sophie Wells, Oxford University

Hi! My name is Sophie and I am in my final year studying Law at Oxford. I was born in the USA but now live on the south coast of England. I enjoy travelling and visited Hong Kong briefly last summer before travelling to Malaysia- I am very excited to have the chance to come back and explore it properly and to travel to China. I enjoy playing sport especially netball and rounders and going out with friends.

I am excited about joining CSE because I really enjoyed the brief period of time I spent in Asia last summer and I really want to have a chance to explore Hong Kong properly and to visit China- a country I have been always been interested in. I am most excited about getting to know my students and co-fellows from across the world and learning about a completely new culture. 


Thomas Tryon, Cambridge University

Hello, my name is Tom and I’m in my first year studying Philosophy at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. I’m 19 years old and I live in Buckinghamshire, just outside London. I’m a keen sportsman and love playing rugby, or just watching sport with my friends. I also have a passion for music and have just started to be involved with Student Radio here in Cambridge. When I leave university I want to do something which involves travelling around the world because I want to experience different cultures and I like learning languages.

I really wanted to get involved with the Crimson Summer Exchange because I am fascinated by China as a country and am really keen to spend some time there. Having spent some time in Africa teaching English, I know the incredible value of education and I relish the opportunity to work with bright, young Chinese students this summer. Most of all, I’m thrilled by the chance to not only teach Chinese students, but learn a lot from them!

Xanthe Gilmore, Cambridge University

My name is Xanthe (pronounced Zan-thee) and I am in my second year studying German and Spanish at Cambridge. I love photography, painting and travelling and am very excited about coming to Asia. At university, I enjoy playing netball and paint the stages for theatrical productions. Friends are the most important thing in my life.

I am really looking forward to joining the Crimson Summer Exchange this summer because I love working with students and am really good at bringing the best out of people. My friend took part in the programme last year and said it was the best experience of his life. I have never been to Asia before but am teaching myself Mandarin and love learning more about Asian cultures.  


Cathy Tran, University of California in Irvine (current), Harvard University (graduate)

I enjoy trying to cook and engaging in dangerous sports such as figure skating, skydiving, and surfing. But I do have some less life-threatening hobbies such as designing greeting cards. I grew up in southern California and have also lived in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Boston. 

I’m very excited to be back in Hong Kong where I studied abroad for one semester and spent the past two summers as a CSE fellow. I enjoy teaching and learning about other cultures and am looking forward to connecting with the students as well as other fellows!