Fellows 2013

Ashley Culver, Columbia University


Hello! I am a rising junior studying Neuroscience and Linguistics at Columbia University, located in New York City. I have lived most of my life in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. When I’m not studying, I love to sing and play ukulele, run, swim, explore New York City, and practice speaking Spanish and Mandarin.

I am excited about the opportunity to experience another culture and to work with students who are eager to learn about my own culture. I know that I will learn as much as they will through CSE!


Ed Klinger, University of Oxford

Ni Hao! I am 20 years old, born and raised in London, England. I love music, and am in a Funk band! I do boxing 5 times a week at Oxford and play lots of tennis. I am studying Engineering, Economics and Management, and I took a year out before University to travel around the world!

I want to join this program because I absolutely love to teach and meet cool new people. I want to learn Chinese, make Chinese friends, and discover all of the amazing things that China has to offer as a country.


Hannah Ross, Oxford University

From Manchester (in the North of England), I love to play and listen to music, to cook and to draw! 

I wanted to join to get to know people from a completely different culture, and have always wanted to visit China – what better way to experience it than by meeting and working with its young people?


Jacob Hutt, Harvard University

Hey folks, I’m Jacob! I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and spent most of the last four years at Harvard with a four month siesta/study abroad program in Havana, Cuba. I love playing basketball, singing, and hip-hop dancing. The picture on the left was taken about a month ago before an end-of-the-year event with some friends, and captures the first time I ever wore a bow tie. I wanted to join this program because I’ve never been to these countries, I know next to nothing about them, and it’s about time I learned something (god knows college didn’t help me there!). I’ll be showing up a day late or so because I’ll be at a close friend’s wedding right before the program starts, but I’m eager to explore Hong Kong and China this summer, and I’ll see y’all in HK!


Lindsay Morlock, University of Cambridge


I’m 21 years old and in my final year at university studying French and German. I’m from Scotland, UK! I love learning languages (Chinese too!), cooking, photography, running, watching films and being outdoors.

I decided to apply for this program after catching the China bug on a school exchange some years ago and greatly enjoying the possibility of language and cultural exchange. Now I want to be able to share my own culture and heritage with Chinese students. I’m most excited about the chance to meet many new and interesting people and share a great, enriching and educational experience with them!


Matt Williams, Yale University


Hi! My name is Matt Williams and I just graduated Yale University with a degree in Global Affairs. I’m super excited to be returning to CSE for the second time (I served as a fellow in 2011) and look forward to the amazing opportunities for cultural exchange. I’m originally from the state of Ohio, but will be moving to Washington D.C. in September for graduate school. At Yale, I’ve served as Secretary of the Yale College Council (our student government), studied Mandarin Chinese, and participated in numerous programs with the Yale-China Association. I’ve been to Beijing and Shanghai three times and this will be my second time in Hong Kong.

I’m most excited to meet students and other fellows in the program. There’s nothing like interacting with students from other cultures and with different experiences. I’m looking forward to teaching in the classroom, but also eating lunch and exploring Hong Kong and China with my students.


Oliver Hazell, University of Cambridge


Hi! I’m a second year studying music at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. I play cello and piano, and have recently taken up singing more seriously too. Outside the world of music, I love watching and taking part in a variety of sports, especially football, tennis and rowing.

I have a keen interest in working with children and travelling, and the opportunity to do the two combined in Hong Kong and China seemed too good to miss!


Shahed Al-Haque, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


I just finished my Master’s in Technology and Policy from MIT. I also have an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Toronto. I was born in Bangladesh but was raised mainly in Kuwait and moved to Canada when I was 18. In my spare time, I love to cook play guitar, watch movies, and spend time with friends and family.

I’m excited to join CSE because it presents an excellent opportunity learn more about China’s rich history, its culture, and its people. At the same time, I’m looking forward to meeting all the students from China and elsewhere!


Yasmin Murphy, Princeton University


Hello! My name is Yasmin and I am an international student at Princeton University. I am originally from Ireland but I grew up on the island of Borneo in South East Asia. Right now, I am studying history, French and Spanish and I would love to get involved with education after university. In my spare time, I love to dance, cook and travel! I am passionate about trying new things and have been all over the world, from Egypt to China and France. I can’t wait to jump into CSE this summer because I grew up in an international environment and am a strong believer that cross-cultural exchange is the best way to experience the world. I’m ready to both teach and learn in a fun, multi-cultural environment!


Grace Carroll, University of Cambridge (Fitzwilliam College)


Hi, I'm Grace. I am in my second year of study at Cambridge University studying Sociology and Politics. I come from Manchester, a city in the north of England that is famous for football. In my spare time I enjoy playing football for my college, watching movies or reading. I also have an interest in world affairs and debating. I applied for Crimson as I really want to see Asia and I enjoy teaching. I'm really excited to get to know my teaching group and see China this summer!


Anne Barrett, University of Oxford


Hi! I’m Anne, I’m from Cardiff, Wales, and I am in my 3rd year of a 4 year Biochemistry degree. I spend a lot of time watching rugby and I run quite a lot. I love meeting new people and getting a taste of other cultures so the CSE program primarily appealed to me in this respect. Having never been to Asia I am really excited to see a bit of China and meet lots of great people from all over the world!


Atasha Jordan, Harvard University 

As an undergraduate student, I was involved in an array of extracurricular activities which all reflect my academic and non-academic interests. 

Originally from Barbados but now residing in Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA, I am a recent graduate of Harvard University where I studied Neurobiology, Global Health and Health Policy, and French.

As a board member of the Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers for my entire time at Harvard, I sought to provide academic and social support for minority students in science-related fields. I also served on the executive committee of the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR). During my two years with HPAIR I helped to organize four internationally recognized conferences for college students. Other of my extracurricular activities included modeling for several fashion shows on campus, playing intramural volleyball for my house, designing costumes, makeup and hair for plays and musicals on campus, volunteering at health clinics in Boston, and shadowing local doctors. I plan to attend medical school starting in the fall of 2014.

I have considered myself to be a teacher and tutor since high school. I genuinely enjoy the process of sharing knowledge of a topic about which I am truly passionate to students who are eager to learn. Combining teaching with my love travel and cultural exploration embodies the exact reasons why I am excited to participate as a Crimson Summer Exchange Fellow this year!


Jiwon Lee, Yale University

Hello! My name is Jiwon Lee, a rising sophomore at Yale. Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, I have always been interested in learning about differences in the education systems around the world as well as teaching and designing fun classroom activities. As for my major I am planning to study sociology or political science. After college, I want to further study education and contribute to improving education around the world. On campus, I write articles for the Yale Daily News and sing at the Yale Gospel Choir. I am also involved in a Christian fellowship, a student policy thinktank, and Yale Leadership Institute. I love writing, talking with people, humming random melodies, and listening to inspiring speakers.

I am excited for CSE because I love learning about different cultures and especially interacting with students from a different culture. I find the CSE curriculum very meaningful and look forward to intellectual, stimulating discussions with students. I also hope to get to know each student individually and have lots of fun together!


Ludovica Pagni, Barnard College, Columbia University 

I am a rising senior at Barnard College in New York City majoring in Comparative Literature and minoring in Art History. I grew up in Italy and moved to New York only recently to attend college, and therefore I know what it means to learn a different language. Since I started studying Mandarin during my freshman year I have also developed a strong interest in South East Asia, which is what brought me to study abroad at Hong Kong University in the past fall. In my free time I love travel, ski and hang out with my friends.

As I left Hong Kong I felt that I was leaving behind a piece of my heart. Now I can’t wait to be back to explore Hong Kong and new parts of China with you all!