Fellows 2015

Helen Wang, Yale University

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Hello! My name is Helen Wang, and I feel so fortunate to have the chance to think and laugh with you this summer. A California girl at heart, I journeyed eastward to attend Yale College and farther east (or West, depending on your frame of reference!) to Asia this summer. After a fantastic time as a CSE Fellow in 2012, I am eager to know Hong Kong, China, and my students even better this year. I will graduate from Yale in May 2015 with a B.A. in and deep love for English literature. Outside of books, I love hiking in nature, trying new foods, and watching plays. Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

EC Topic: The Socratic Method

Sandy Chan, Harvard University

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Hi Everyone! I'm Sandy and I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I recently graduated from Harvard University this past May with a degree in Economics and a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. I enjoy traveling, trying new foods, having deep life discussions, biking, and meeting new people! Teaching is an incredible way to learn and self-reflect, and as a former CSE Fellow 2012, I am so excited to join CSE this summer once again!

EC Topic: Behavioral Economics: Decision Making and Risk Taking

Qifei Gu, Imperial College London

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Hello there! I am a physics major graduating this year from Imperial College London. In the fall I plan to commence my PhD at Cambridge University. A bit about my background. I was born in Shanghai, China. At the age of four I moved to Finland with my parents. Thereafter, I relocated to London, England for my undergraduate University studies. Apart from academics, my majpr extracurricular activity has been ballroom and latin dancing. This year my partner and I participated in inter-university dancing competition at novice level. I'm always keen to meet new people, as I believe that everybody has their own story to tell. Furthermore, for me it's about time to get reacquainted with my heritage over this summer.

EC Topic: Legend of Santa Claus and Its World-wide Social, Cultural & Economic Impacts

Rachel Stephenson, University of Cambridge

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Hello! My name's Rachael and I'm currently in my second year studying Modern and Medieval Languages at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Originally I'm from Manchester, and since I'm a language student I get to spend the next year abroad perfecting my language skills - which is perfect for me because I love travelling! I also enjoy reading, playing the piano, acting and cooking - I'm very excited about sampling Hong Kong's cuisine! I have a lot of tutoring experience but teaching has never before taken me so far afield, and I can't wait to get started at CSE.

EC Topic: What is Gothic Literature?

Maxbetter Vizelberg, Harvard University

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Hello everyone! I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. I graduated from Harvard in May of 2014 with a degree in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and am now in my first year at Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine. I love to play soccer, rap, spend time in nature, learn about animals, and try my hand at new languages. After having an incredible time learning and teaching during CSE 2014, it is an honor and pleasure to be returning to CSE this summer. I look forward to meeting you!

EC Topic: Embracing the Concept of One Health

Ricardo Anzar, Columbia University

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Hi! I am originally from San Diego, CA but now live in New York City. I just finished acquiring my Master of Arts degree in Bilingual/BiCultural Education from Teachers College Columbia University. I graduated from the University of Redlands with a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies. Upon completing my BA, I taught English in Madrid, Spain for a year at a bilingual high school. In college I was part of the Track &Field team where I participated in shot put, discus, and hammer. I still enjoy staying active by playing sports and weight training.

EC Topic: Home photography project

Sam Raby, University of Cambridge

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Hey, I'm Sam and I'm a 2nd year undergraduate at Cambridge University. I've always lived in London but moved to Cambridge to study Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS): majoring in Sociology and Anthropology. Outside work I'm heavily involved in writing. I help run student publications and produce my own comedy, poetry and opinion pieces. In addition I love reading (literature and biology being specialities of mine), drama, languages; and football: both playing and spectating.

The prospect of meeting so many new people from such different parts of the world is incredibly exciting and I can't wait!

EC Topic: Ethnicity and globalization

Jessica Gibson, University of Cambridge

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Hi! My name's Jessica and I graduated from Cambridge in the summer of 2014 where I studied French and German. Since completing my degree I have since moved to London where I am doing a postgraduate course in Law. Outside my studies my time has recently been devoted to exploring and getting to know London (much bigger than Cambridge)! I enjoy going to the theatre, seeing exhibitions, discovering new restaurants and travelling as much as time allows. I'm really looking forward to all the wonderful experiences I'm sure CSE will bring this summer!

EC Topic: Debating Workshop

Claire Devine, Oxford University

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Hi! My name is Claire and I'm a fresher at Wadham College, Oxford. I am originally from Hertfordshire, which is in the countryside to the north of London and when I'm not busy with my degree, I love reading, baking and playing netball for my college. I study English Language and Literature and so I have always been really interested in stories; both the sort that get written down and those that we constantly share with each other. This means that I love spending time with new people, and I'm really excited for the CSE exchange programme and to meet you all this summer!

EC Topic: How to Write A Horror Story

Abby Eurich, Yale University

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Hey there! I'm Abby. I am from Denver, Colorado and graduated from Yale University in May 2014 with a BS in Geology and Geophysics, concentrating in Environmental Geoscience and Energy. I spend my time outdoors if I can: skiing, biking, hiking, rafting, playing Frisbee, or just sitting to enjoy a sunset. I also love to knit, read, and sing. I love roaming around the world but have never been to Asia so I am ecstatic for this opportunity to experience a new part of the world and meet so many intelligent and inspiring students.

EC Topic: Human effects on Habitat and animal population of four distinct climate zones

Cameron Peak, Oxford University

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Heya! My name is Cameron, and I'm second year studying Mathematics at Hertford College Oxford. I was brought up in a city called Gloucester, which is pretty close to Oxford, but nowhere near as pretty! In my down time, I love playing drums, watching classic movies, juggling, and ballroom dancing. I started teaching at a summer camp in Romania, and really got a taste for experiencing new cultures and places. I'm excited to take part in the programme. This'll be my first time in Asia, and I'm hyped to experience China!

EC Topic: Cinema, Reviews and Opinion

Maryia Rusak, Princeton University

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I am a student at Princeton University studying Architecture, Urban Studies and Italian Language. I am from Minsk, Belarus, which is the 10th biggest city in Europe nobody has ever heard of. I am fond of travelling, I love talking to people and learning their stories and I LOVE food. In my free time I run classical music concerts, teach babies swimming and read books. I am very interested in architecture, cities, contemporary arts and culture. Hopefully, I am graduating this spring to continue my studies in Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design.

EC Topic: Places we Live in

Sandamini Ethakada, University of Cambridge

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My name is Sandamini Ethakada. I am a first year law student, studying at the University of Cambridge. Although I am studying in UK, I am from Sri Lanka. My areas of interests include public speaking, debating, mooting, drama, current affairs and badminton. I am also quite passionate about social and voluntary work. I love reading (you will rarely see me without a book in my bag!) and enjoy watching movies and TV Series. I also love to travel. I am currently aiming to finish my three years at Cambridge and go onto work as a barrister in the UK.

EC Topic: Public speaking and debating

Claire Huxley, University of Cambridge

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I'm a final year student at the University of Cambridge studying Spanish and French. I'm originally from Chesham, a town of 30,000 people to the north west of London. My hobbies and interests include creative writing, literature, travelling, hiking and snowsports. I also love listening to the radio and have presented several shows for the Cambridge student radio station CamFM. Although I have done some travelling in Europe and South America as part of my degree, I've never been to Hong Kong or China, so I am very excited about taking part in the CSE program this summer.

EC Topic: Culture across borders

Ian Samir Yep Manzano, University of Cambridge

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Hi! I am a first year Medical Student at the University of Cambridge. I was born in Monterrey, Mexico but have been living in the UK since the year 2000. Apart from science and medicine, my main passion is classical music. However, I also love to study languages and play badminton in my spare time among many other things! I am extremely excited to experience a new country and its culture as well as to share my own. See you in the summer!

EC Topic: Our Environment and Global Health

Samuel Hamer, Yale University

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Greetings from South Africa! I'm Sam Hamer from Chicago, a student now at the University of Cape Town where I'm studying for a Master's degree in Social Development. I'm also a graduate of Yale University (2013) where I studied History and Political Science. When not studying, I'm often working with local high school students to teach about conservation and the value of nature through my hobby, birdwatching. This will be my first visit to China, and I'm excited by the opportunity to experience the local culture and to share my own culture and experiences with you.

EC Topic: Microeconomic Principles

Viviane Stephenson, Leeds University

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Hello everyone! My name is Viviane Stephenson and I'm currently in my first year at Leeds University reading International Relations and Chinese. I live in Nottingham (famous for Robin Hood), which is roughly situated in the middle of the United Kingdom. I have been fortunate enough to have been brought up in a number of places around the world such as New Delhi in India and Lagos, Nigeria. Constantly moving and making new friends has allowed me to quickly adapt to new situations as well as open my eyes and heart to new adventures. My hobbies include painting, reading, travelling, learning new languages as well as volunteering my time in order to help others. I look forward to meeting all of you this summer at HKU!

EC Topic: Globalization and Culture

Cole Silva, Clark University

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Hello, my name is Cole Silva and I just finished my first year at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. As of now, I'm thinking of double majoring in French and something along the lines of either Education or International Relations; I haven't decided yet. I'm from the vacation spot of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a very beach and relaxation-centered place. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, biking, playing video games, listening to podcasts, and teaching myself languages. Among these languages are French, Spanish, and Cantonese. I'm particularly passionate about the French language and am fluent in it.

EC Topic: Public Speaking