Fellows 2016

Ruth Taylor, Cambridge University

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My name is Ruth and I am from Cambridge University in the UK, though I am originally from The Midlands. I graduated last summer with a degree in History, and I am now spending a year working as the Student Union President of my college, Homerton. Next year, I will be studying a law conversion course in London. I am lover of all things musical, and as a Historian I also love learning about culture and society. This will be my second trip to Hong Kong and China. I am really excited to be spending my summer with the Crimson Summer exchange and I look forward to meeting you all.

EC Topic: Globl landmarks and travel; Henry VIII and his 6 wives

Layton Hopper, Princeton University

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Iím Layton. I just finished my senior year at Princeton, where I studied public policy. Iím particularly interested in how governments respond to economic crises. At Princeton, Iíve spent time giving campus tours and sailing with the Club Sailing team. Iíve also studied abroad in Sweden and Germany. I love being in and around the water (skiing, swimming, rafting) and visiting historic places. Iím originally from Mt. Vernon, Indiana.

EC Topic: Homes and the Chinese Dream; Genetically modified food

Millie Paine, University of Cambridge

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My name is Millie, and I am a second year Politics and International Relations student at the University of Cambridge. Iím from Brentwood, which is a small town in Essex, just north-east of London. In my spare time I enjoy reading, along with journalism and creative writing. I am interested in art, and enjoy visiting museums and galleries. Iím also interested in politics as a result of my degree, and try to keep up with current affairs. This has helped to shape the focus of my lesson plans, with a focus on cultural and international issues.

EC Topics: Exploring Culture Through Fashion and Dress; Gender Issues in China, the UK and Worldwide.

Michael Stock, University of Oxford

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I am currently a second year undergraduate student at Wadham College, Oxford, reading for a degree in History and German. I am originally from a small town just outside Bristol, which is in the south-west of England. During my free time at university I enjoy volunteering with a local homeless outreach charity, and once a week I help with a soup run, which aims to feed individuals sleeping rough in Oxford. This term I have tried salsa dancing, though I am not very good at it! To relax, I enjoy going clubbing with friends.

EC Topic: The Impact of Globalisation on the UK; What makes a good leader?

Claire Leibowicz, Harvard University

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I just graduated from Harvard University where I studied Psychology (Mind, Brain, and Behavior Track) and Computer Science. At Harvard, I was involved with Harvard Model Congress leading congressional simulation conferences around the world (including in Hong Kong at HKU), Expressions Dance Company, the Harvard Intergroup Neuroscience Laboratory, and The Berkman Center for Internet and Society. In my free time, I am an avid traveler, enjoy exploring New York (where I was born and raised), and consider myself a major chocoholic. I canít wait to return to HKU this summer!

EC Topic: Artificial Intelligence; Landmarks of World Architecture

Dillan Saunders, University of Cambridge

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Iíve lived most of my life in Brighton, just south of London, but now study Natural Sciences at Homerton College, University of Cambridge. I am currently in my second year, with my third, specialising in cell and developmental biology to follow after the summer. Away from my studies I play squash and netball and also love the chance to explore new things both through studying and travelling. I am looking forward to taking part in the CSE, from the teaching itself to learning from the brand new experiences.

EC Topic: Leadership and Teamwork; Effective Communication and Teamwork

Helen Holmes, University of Cambridge

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Hello! My name is Helen Holmes and I am studying at the University of Cambridge. I graduated last year with a degree in English and I am currently training to be a teacher. Originally, I come from South London but now live in Cambridge full time. I love to play the card game bridge and have played for England a couple of times, which was an amazing experience. My other hobby is rowing; I cox, though, so I do the steering and shouting without actually having to do any exercise! I canít wait to be a part of the Crimson Summer Exchange and meet lots of new and interesting people.

EC Topic: The Fairy Tale Tradition; Fairy Tale Adaptations

Louise Nolan, Oxford University

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Hello! Iím Louise, originally from London and I am a fresher at Wadham College, Oxford where I am studying for a degree in Engineering Science. I love sports, animals and making things; I currently play football for Oxford, I own two lovely Labrador retrievers and have managed to put together a model combustion engine and robotic arm in the past. I love meeting new people and socializing through sports and ice breaker games which means Iím very excited for the exchange this summer and everything it offers.

EC Topic: Healthy Body = Healthy Mind; What is diversity?

Tara Lee, University of Cambridge

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Hi! Iím Tara, a third year English Literature student at the University of Cambridge. I grew up in Hong Kong so I canít wait to go back! I love studying Renaissance art and literature, particularly through the avenue of material culture. Iím also very interested in interactions between cultures, and comparing how different people view things differently across history and geography. In my free time I like writing, drawing, and painting. I really like travelling as well, and look forward to exploring more of China!

EC Topic: East West Exchanges through Food and Art; Advertising

Shannon Wei, Amherst College

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Greetings everyone! My name is Shannon and I'm from sunny Los Angeles, California. After being born and raised in California, I decided that I wanted to explore the East Coast, and chose to attend Amherst College in western Massachusetts. I'm currently a freshman there, studying Economics and Mathematics. When I'm not crunching numbers in the classroom, I enjoy playing piano, journalism, and dancing (even though I'm pretty terrible at it). I'm super excited to come to Hong Kong and reconnect with my Cantonese heritage, as well as taste the amazing food there. Can't wait to meet you all!

EC Topic: Global Economics of the Korean Drama; The Rise of Classical Music in Asia

Priya Joshi, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

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Hi everyone! My name is Priya and Iím originally from Canton, Michigan. After spending 4 years at the University of Michigan, I ventured off to the east coast to pursue my Masterís in Healthcare Administration at Columbia University. I absolutely fell in love with the east coast and NYC but am leaving it for the west coast as I pursue my full-time job in the Bay Area of California shortly after CSE 2016. I love to travel, dance, do anything outdoors, try new restaurants and places, and spend quality time with my family as well as old and new friends. I love everything about meeting new people, learning about different cultures, and exploring new places and cannot wait to be a part of CSE 2016!

EC Topic: ďWhich Side Are You On?Ē

Nicholas Krol, University of Cambridge

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Hey, Iím Nick and I graduated in Geography from the University of Cambridge last year. Despite the rivalry, I am unashamedly proud to be from Oxford. Next September I will be continuing with my studies by embarking on a Masters in Applied Meteorology at the University of Reading. In the meantime, it is no surprise that I am keen to travel and learn more about other cultures, as I am a budding geographer! Having carried on with French through school and university, I am also an enthusiastic linguist. My other interests include art and photography, live music gigs and festivals, and more recently, ballroom and korfball; the latter is a cross between basketball and netball, originating from the Netherlands. I look forward to meeting you!

EC Topic:
Wild Weather 2015: El Nino and its impacts;
Could veganism be the answer?

Michal Tkocz, University of Cambridge

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My name is Michal, I am a second-year student at Cambridge. I study Land Economy, which is basically a mixture of Economics, Law and Environmental studies. I come from Warsaw, the capital of Poland. My greatest hobby is music, especially jazz. I play the drums in various jazz bands. I also enjoy running, skiing, reading good books, travelling and learning languages. I speak English, Polish, German, French and I am currently learning Mandarin and Arabic. My main academic interest is Finance.

EC Topic: Why Cities are Formed and how they Grow; Memory Techniques

Hana Gudelis, University of Cambridge

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Hi, Iím Hana and Iím in my second year studying English Literature at Cambridge. I was born in London but my parents are Canadian and have a habit of moving around, so Iíve lived in the UK, France, Canada and Switzerland. Moving countries has inspired my love of travelling and I am so excited to see a part of the world I have never experienced before. I am also interested in film, music, art and sports such as skiing and playing tennis, having done a little bit of competing in both.

EC Topic: International music and art exploration; Healthy world and bodies.

Maya Raphael, University of Cambridge

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Hi there, Iím Maya! I am originally from Israel although I spent much of my childhood growing up in London. I am currently in my second year of studying Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. My fascination with studying human beings and different cultures is largely a product of my somewhat unusual life experiences such as living in a commune on the border of Gaza, being in the Israeli military, building a library in a slum in India and travelling to Australia, Myanmar and Nepal. Outside of my academic studies I am vice president of my collegeís student union and I am the public representative of Linkline, a mental health charity where I volunteer. I canít wait to embark upon my next adventure, participating in CSE and meeting all of you guys!

EC Topic: Belief, Reality and the Indeterminable;
Politics of the Selfie: Self representation in a modern age

Kamay Jin, Columbia University

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Hi everyone! My name is Kamay Jin, and I will graduate from Columbia University this coming May with a B.A. in Architecture and an East Asian Studies concentration. I am from New York City, and find cities to be fascinating placesónot just because of their architecture, but also due to the social, political, and economic activity that is involved with the creation of their physical space. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, as well as drawing and painting. I look forward to meeting you all this summer!

EC Topic: Chinese in America: What is culture in the Chinese American context?
Architecture: Perception & Representation

Sandy Wong, Harvard University

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My name is Sandy Wong, and I concentrate in Chemical and Physical Biology, with a secondary in Economics, at Harvard University. I was born and raised in New York City, where I spent my time outside of class during high school interning at the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. I am interested in contemporary art and museum studies, as well as film theory and media studies. I graduated from Harvard in 2016, and will be attending medical school in 2017 after spending a year teaching in England. Looking forward to meeting everybody!

EC Topic: Art and Art History; Economics and Production of Cinema

Albert Jiao, Yale University

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Hey everyone! I'm Albert, and Iím from Big Rapids, Michigan! I just graduated from Yale University the past May with a degree in Mathematics, and Iím also planning on attending medical school next year. Iím a huge fan of classical music, and have spent basically all of my life playing some kind of instrument (piano and clarinet). I also love cooking, playing basketball, watching movies, and playing videogames. Iím excited to return to China, experience Hong Kong for the first time, and join CSE this summer!

EC Topic: Intro to Classical Music; Difficult Conversations