Thinking in a Global Perspective
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HKU Crimson Summer Exchange (HKU CSE) is a summer teaching programme in which a group of Fellows comprised of students mainly from Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, UPenn, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford and other leading universities deliver self-designed lesson plans to secondary school students from Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas. The main objective of HKU CSE is to encourage intellectual and cultural exchange amongst all participants using English as the medium of communication, which encourages students to develop their global identity, values and worldviews. Undergraduates from HKU will participate in each group and interact closely with the participating students as HKU Fellows.

At HKU CSE, we believe that the differences in cultures and beliefs in this world paint a beautiful masterpiece of diversity. Like a work of art, appreciation of each other's culture will lead to mutual understanding, respect and admiration. We do not believe in cliches nor promote cultural imperialism. Instead, the HKU CSE curriculum, against the backdrop of cultural respect, is structured around the core values of innovation, creativity and leadership to bring out the best in both our Chinese students and Western Fellows.

HKU CSE is different from other summer schools. The program does not explicitly prepare students for particular tests or to qualify for certain examinations, nor is it a pure leadership and management course for Fellows already studying in the leading universities of the world. Our innovative curriculum, using English as the primary medium of communication, aims to harvest the enthusiasm of youths, to challenge their world views, to guide them outside of their comfort zones and to encourage them to excel in their respective areas of talent.

Our objective, in the context of cultural exchange, is to enable both students and teachers within the space of 2-3 weeks to:


Thinking in a Global Perspective

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