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Thematic Curriculum
The Thematic Courses are taught by Fellows in pairs with the help of HKU-Fellows. Fellows are responsible for developing their own lesson plans within one of the topics listed below.  Students will be randomly assigned to different 
topics so that they will experience at least 4 of the 7 during the programme.  Each course will run for 2 days and then students will rotate to the next course.

Arts Appreciation 
Courses related to the performing arts and visual arts.  Students will learn about different types of art forms across cultures and have a better understanding of their own cultural art forms as a result.

Environment, Health and the World 
Courses related to the environment and health.  Students will learn about these important issues in relation to the global environment and human health.

Globalisation and Culture 

Courses related to the impact of the globalization in cultures.  Students will explore different forms of cultures including food and popular traditions to develop an understanding of cultural identities.

Human and Society 

Courses related to human actions and decisions.  Students will learn about themselves, their and other societies through these courses.

Leadership and Effective Communication 

Courses related to leadership.  Students will learn more about the types and roles of leaders to improve their verbal and written communication skills in English.

Language, Literature and Writing 

Courses related to English language and linguistics.  Students will gain greater insight and appreciation of the English language through different writing genres including novels, poems, lyrics, short fiction and more.

International Affairs and Security 

Students will explore various global issues, ranging from humanitarian intervention and international terrorism to human rights.


Topic Based Curriculum
In the afternoons for Periods 3 and 4, students will report to their individual Fellow to whom they have been assigned.  It is the part of the program where all students will be learning the same topics throughout the program, and will conclude in a Poster Exhibition with Performance which will take place on the last day of the program.

Poster Exhibition and Performance
The Poster Exhibition and Performance is a 5 to 7 - minute presentation that each group will put on together, under the direction and guidance of the Fellows and HKU-fellows. This will show-case all they have learned from HKU CSE.  Students will be given time to prepare for the presentation and their parents will be invited to attend the event.  The Final Performance will end with a Closing Ceremony to mark the completion of the HKU CSE Program.

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