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Fellows 2017


Deborah Monti, Yale University 


I’m a rising junior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania studying American History at Yale. At school I do improvisational comedy and tutor local public school students in literature and history. I also run a storytelling club, where once a month any student can tell a story about themselves to an audience of other students. In my free time I love making ceramics, painting, and reading/writing poetry. When I’m home I also love playing Frisbee and going on jogs around my city, since Pittsburgh is full of beautiful parks and open fields. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your child this summer!

EC Topics: Literature and History


Reuben Zeiset, Princeton University 


Hello, My name is Reuben Zeiset, and I have just completed my second year at Princeton University. I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA where I live with my three siblings and parents. At Princeton I am majoring in Architecture and have pursued interests in urban studies, philosophy, theology, and music. In addition to my studies, I play in two orchestras as a violist and am a member of Princeton’s oldest a cappella group, The Princeton Nassoons. I have been involved with musical ensembles for over 12 years, and find great joy in musical expression. This passion has given me the opportunity to travel. I look to incorporate all of my interests into my academic work and continually look for ways to connect all of my interests together, especially as they relate to architecture. I hope to share my passions with the students in the Crimson Summer Exchange Program and encourage them to pursue their own interests and strengths. I am excited to have been given this opportunity as a Fellow and hope to be an effective mentor and teacher in my time with the CSE program. I look forward to meeting you all!

EC Topics: Architecture



Sandeepa Welgamage, University of Cambridge 


Hi, I’m Sandeepa! I have just finished my third year of the six year Medicine course at the University of Cambridge. I was born in Sri Lanka but have lived in the UK for the past 12 years. A lot of my free time when I am at home is usually taken up by looking after our pets, including rabbits, hens and fish. I am very excited to experience China and Hong Kong, neither of which I have ever been to, when I take part in CSE.

EC Topics:

Diseases and their impacts & Health within humans and society

Shivank Keni, University of Edinburgh 


I’m just finishing my first year of medical school here in Edinburgh. I studied my first degree in neuroscience and am passionate about anything to do with brains. I’ve grown up in a few different places, including Singapore, Amsterdam and Dubai, so not really sure where to call home, but I love the Far East and can’t wait to head back this summer. Outside the classroom, I like messing around on the guitar or harmonica and have a love of folk and blues, although I’ve been told my taste in music is outdated at times!

EC Topics: Major Brain regions and their functions & humanitarian importance


Aditya Siroya, University of Pennsylvania 


Hi everyone! My name is Aditya Siroya and I am a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania, where I am pursuing a dual degree in Business and Religious Studies. I am from Bangalore, India. I am interested in art, and enjoy visiting museums and galleries. I am fascinated by the way that cultures mould society and this has shaped my lesson plans as well. I love everything about meeting new people, learning about different cultures, and exploring new places and cannot wait to be a part of CSE 2017!

EC Topics: Religion and Social Justice; Social Entrepreneurship in a Global Community



Dana Fesjian, University of Princeton 

Hi, my name is Dana! I just graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and minors in Dance, and Robotics. I am originally from Pelham, New York (a small town outside of New York City). At Princeton, danced in two student-run dance groups, one focused on ballet and the other on jazz and hip hop. I wrote for Princeton Sports Analytics, and sang in the choir. I am passionate about sustainable energy and the arts and how to combine the two to make an impact! 

Best, Dana!

EC Topics: Arts Appreciation


Anna Cook, University of Michigan 


I’m Anna and I’m from Rochester, Michigan. I graduated last spring from the University of Michigan, where I studied Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience as well as French. I love camping and hiking and have backpacked through both Southern Patagonia and Iceland this past year. When I am not outside, I am likely working in the Emergency Room, as I plan to attend medical school in the near future. I am so excited to contribute to the Crimson Summer Exchange team and meet you all!

EC Topics: Interdependant and independant cultures, and French literature


Grace Koh, Princeton University


My name is Grace, and I’ve just finished my second year at Princeton University. Last semester, I declared as a History major, and I also plan on pursuing a certificate in East Asian Studies. On campus, I am involved in student publications, a human rights activist group, and an educational startup. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, reading good novels, drawing and painting, taking photographs, playing music, and baking/cooking new recipes. I also enjoy travelling and going on adventures with friends, as I’ve lived in the United States all my life. Although I currently live in Connecticut, I’ve also lived in Alaska, Illinois, and Georgia.

EC Topics: Cultural appropriation and creative writing


Katherine Duce, University of Cambridge 


Hi everyone! I’m Katie from London. I’m a recent graduate from Cambridge University, where I studied Human, Social and Political Sciences, specializing in Sociology and Psychology. My main areas of interest were about how social media has impacted on people’s everyday lives, in terms of our identity, relationships with other people, and global awareness. Since graduating in 2016, I have taught in a school in South Korea for 6 months, and travelled in Japan, Australia and Bali – as well as around Europe. I really enjoy meeting new people and exploring new places. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!

EC Topics: Globalization and Culture



Georgi Rusinov, University of Cambridge 

Hello! My name is Georgi Rusinov, and I am a very recent graduate of the University of Cambridge. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, I studied History and Land Economy (an interdisciplinary course focused on Economics, Finance, and Law) and was involved in a number of extracurricular projects in the areas of economic journalism, policy consulting, and think-tanks. In my spare time, I liketo read and play chess, tennis, and football. I am also a passionate glider pilot and have been pursuing my glider pilot license over the past year. My career goals are in the fields of macroeconomic research, consulting, and policy-making.

EC Topics: History of the Global Economy



Janeen Thomas, Yale University


My name is Janeen Thomas. I am a rising junior at Yale University in the U.S where I am studying Neuroscience and South Asian Studies. I am fascinated with learning about my South Asian heritage and its interactions with other cultures. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia, so I love warm, sunny days! I enjoy reading outside, picnicking, cooking and baking with my friends (even though I’m pretty awful), and spending time with my family and friends. I also love meeting new people, learning about different cultures, and exploring new places. I look forward to meeting you this summer!

EC Topics: Public Health in China 

Jessica Lumley, University of Oxford 


My name is Jessica and I am excited to work with you all this summer. I am currently a student completing my Master’s degree in Politics Research at the University of Oxford, but I was born and raised in Cambridge in the south of England. I will be teaching a class on the topic of International Affairs and Foreign Security; my undergraduate degree was in international relations so I have lots to say on the topic! We will be learning about the key international organizations and how they interact with each other and the world, whilst trying to form and express our own opinions on important matters of international politics (so I hope you are all happy to participate!). I have experience in teaching politics to students about your age, but I have never been to Hong Kong or mainland China so I expect I will have a lot to learn from you all too.

EC Topics: 
International Organizations and Politics



Kelly Jin Li, University of British Columbia 


Hello! My name is Jin and I was born and raised near the blue waters of the Caribbean in Belize. I just finished my first year in the Media Studies program at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. What I study spills over into most of my hobbies as well! I love writing short stories, practicing photojournalism and creating films. My other hobbies include singing, cooking, yoga and learning about other cultures. I’ve always been interested in teaching, especially about things I hold a deep passion for, so I’m very excited to be a CSE Fellow this summer!

EC Topics: Journalism and its impact on our contemporary society & technology and its role in the exchange of communication.



Laura Stephenson, University of Oxford  


Hi! My name’s Laura and I study at the University of Oxford. I’m currently a second year student at New College where I’m reading Law. I’m a creative person and a lover of music, photography, film, and art - especially drawing and painting. I enjoy meeting new people, seeing new places, and experiencing other cultures -- I’m so excited to be able to travel so far from home and can’t wait to be a part of CSE. See you soon!

EC Topics: Public speaking skills, interview techniques and global communication. 



Monica E. Reichard, Harvard University 



Monica is a rising junior in Harvard College majoring in History and potentially minoring in Government. She loves playing volleyball, traveling with her family, and reading her favorite authors. Originally from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Monica is still getting used to the cold Boston winters. Her favorite place to be is the warm beach, and she loves spending time there with her friends and family. In the future, Monica hopes to graduate and pursue a career in either academia or law. She would like to spend a few years living in the U.S. or abroad before moving back to Puerto Rico. 

EC Topics: 
Language, literature and writing


Oliver Kelly, University of Oxford 


Hi! My name is Oli and I am a final year student in French and Italian at Oxford University in the UK. When I'm not studying at University, I live in London and I love to sing, play the piano, read, and get better at cooking! I also love to travel and get to know foreign cultures, as well as teaching people about my own, and so I'm really looking forward to being part of the Crimson Summer Exchange this year.

EC Topics:
Arts appreciation and literature 


Rebecca Rose, University of Oxford


Hello! My name is Rebecca, and I have just finished my Law degree at Wadham College, Oxford. Born and raised in rural Devon in south-west England, I grew up on a farm, meaning a lot of my childhood was spent feeding animals and driving tractors. Since coming to university I have been a language assistant in a local school, I organised a two-day legal debating competition and panel discussion on disability law and policy, and I was also on the committee for my college’s Summer Ball. I very much look forward to meeting you all.

EC Topics: Disability law and policy


Brianna Arscott Grant, University of Pennsylvania

Hi! My name is Brianna; I am a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania. I study International Relations and French, with a minor in Africana Studies. A true city girl, I am often found exploring my hometown of New York City. As an avid traveler, I love visiting different places, learning languages and getting to know people. A few fun facts: I play the violin and piano, am en pointe in ballet and speak 5 languages. You can often find me engaged in a political conversation so do not hesitate to ask me if you’re curious about American politics, diversity, etc. I am so excited to join HKU CSE and can’t wait to meet you!

EC Topics: L.E.A.D : Working on developing leadership and decision-making skills through skits and fun activities, and Budding Writers, which incorporates activities such as group storytelling and exciting prompts to improve writing skills




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