HKU Fellows
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HKU Fellows 2017

Anthony Ki

My name is Anthony Ki. I am currently a year 2 student studying speech and hearing sciences. I was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong and had a chance to study abroad for two years in the United Kingdom. I am an outgoing person and love playing sports in my free time. I also enjoyed travelling and the idea of exploring new things through different perspectives. There is so much out there in the world waiting for us to discover and it fascinates me every time I learn something new when I talk to others from diverse backgrounds and cultures.


Charles Lee

I am a year 3 medical student in the University of Hong Kong. I like hiking and travelling a lot, particularly to places with greatscenery. I am just back from New Zealand, where I volunteered with a local organization to improve water resources for the tribes. I also enjoy doing community services. Being a committee member in Health Committee of Medical Society, I organized several health check services in public estates. Playing the piano, reading books and playing badminton are my favorite pastimes too!


Chiven Hui

I am Chiven. I am a freshman at The University of Hong Kong, where I major in Politics & Public Administration and Law. The University has a vibrant learning atmosphere. I am so glad that I made the right decision to study in HKU. My hobbies include reading. I particularly fancy reading about world affairs and the development of legal system. Apart from learning, I am responsible for managing academic affairs for Sociology Society, HKUSU. I spend most of my free time playing basketball. I am also a football fan. I love learning and sports. Looking forward to CSE 2017!


Cynthia Yu

Hello everyone, I am Cynthia from Hong Kong. I am now a year 1 medical student at the University of Hong Kong. I have a wide range of interests so I basically love doing almost everything. Though I do not spend lots of time on sports, I like ice-skating, cycling and hiking. I also learn to canoe. During my spare time, I usually escape from my study by enjoying some music, watching movies, reading novels and writing sometimes. I always wish to make more friends and visit more places to enrich my exposure and life.


Hannah Hon

I am Hannah and I were born and brought up in HK. I am a year two student studying in The University of Hong Kong. I do my first major in food and nutritional science and most likely would do the second major in exercise and health. From what I am studying, somehow you can feel what my interests are. I like eating, at the same time, I mainly eat nutritious food. I do think that it could be no contradictions between taste and health. We can enjoy nutritious and delicious food. Also, I can’t live without moving or exercise. Active lifestyle is the key element to healthy body and mind.


Geoff Li

Hey there! This is Geoff from the University of Hong Kong,currently in my second year studying Speech and Hearing Sciences. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, but I also studied my A levels in a town called Scunthorpe in UK for two years. My love for psychology, biology and language made me very excited for the field of speech therapy. Academics aside, I enjoy volunteering with children and traveling around different cultures (in fact I’m writing this in UK!). Can’t wait to meet you all in the CSE camp this summer!


Floris Cheung

Hello everyone! I am Floris, a second-year Bachelor of Arts student studying in the University of Hong Kong, majoring in English Studies and Comparative Literature. It is always my greatest fortune to live in Hong Kong – the “Food Paradise”. Spending a cozy afternoon chit-chatting with my besties while hunting for delicious cuisine from cafés to street-food is my ideal way of spending the day. What’s more, hiking, painting, watching movies and playing my Dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) pretty sum up my weekend. I am looking forward to spending a fruitful summer with all of you in CSE 2017!

 Jasmine Lee

Hi, this is Jasmine from the University of Hong Kong. I am a local Hong Kong youth who had studied in Hong Kong local school as well as College in the United Kingdom as an international student. I am now a year 2 student and currently studying Speech and Hearing Sciences. As an extrovert, I could make good companions with people and friendship could be established with me easily. I truly believe that the friendship between members of our group will be prolonged throughout and after the programme and leave behind wonderful memories.


Julia Do

Hello! This is Julia from The University of Hong Kong. I have just completed my year one studies with the major of BBA in Accounting and Finance. Living in Hong Kong for more than 18 years, I see Hong Kong a fascinating place with a lot to be discovered. I like hanging around street stores with friends in Hong Kong.   Sports and music are things I like. I enjoy vocal singing and piano playing. And my favorite sports are aquatics and golf.


Kelvin Fann

Hello everyone! I am  Kelvin and am now a year 2  Nursing student in HKU.  Born  and  raised  in  Hong  Kong,  I  love  this  place  so much, particularly  the  great  variety  of  entertainment  and  tasty  food  here! During  my  spare  time,  I  like  doing  different  outdoor  activities,  like swimming,  playing  soccer,  hiking  and you  name  it.  I  also  enjoy meeting new friends and sharing experience with them. This program would surely be a great platform for us to learn from each other and I can’t wait to meet all of you in this summer!


Kenneth Chan

Hi! I am Chan Lok Yan (feel free to call me Kenneth!). I’ve just completed year three in my studies towards a bachelor’s in economics at HKU. Whilst I was born in Hong Kong, my family moved to Beijing when I was eight. I went on to study middle and high school in Beijing, obtaining an IB diploma before returning home for university. Outside of school, I am a passionate sportsperson, with volleyball, snooker and table tennis being my favourite sports to play. I am also an avid cook, and I particularly enjoy trying foods from different cultures.


Sampras Lee

Hello there! I’m Sampras from HKU, currently an undergraduate studying Education and English. I was born and raised in Hong Kong but also spent quite some years in Shanghai. I love both playing and watching sports – particularly basketball and football (the one where you actually kick a ball). I am also an avid lover of movies and TV shows, as I am a bit of a couch potato. I enjoy different genres of music, but can’t really nail down any one as my favorite. I like reading, though I don’t spend nearly as much time on it as I should.


Michael Fung

Hello! I’m Michael, a year 2 student studying food and nutritional science at the University of Hong Kong. I love both sports and music, such as playing badminton and playing piano. Being active and helpful, I have been the executive committee member of Rotaract Club at HKU for organizing community service function for students to join. Apart from volunteering, I love reading books, singing karaoke and travelling in my leisure timeas well. As an outgoing and interactive person, I am so excited to be one of the HKU fellows this year and I can’t wait to make friends with you all in the CSE!


Loretta Chen

I am a second-year student in English & Comparative literature from the University of Hong Kong. Growing up in Shanghai, China, I only gained my first cross-cultural experience through the university life in Hong Kong, which I now regard as my second home. I very much enjoying reading across a multitude of disciplines, including literature, history, philosophy and politics, and I am at all times open to other alternative areas. Driven by a passion for literature, I also practice creative writing as a hobby. Music is my other distraction at leisure: I play the piano myself, and I am into indie music bands. In general, I am an extroverted, open-minded individual, I would love to interact with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.


Koe Cheng

Hello! I am Koe, a final-year law student. I have a strong interest in portrait photography, fantasy/science-fiction novels and TV shows, and historic buildings. However, I am also guilty of spending far too much time looking for new restaurants, especially ones with exceptional desserts! Currently, I am trying to pick up Spanish again, which I used to learn in high school. I look forward to meeting you in the CSE programme, and can’t wait to share exciting new experiences with all of you!


Ingrid Wong

Hey everyone, my name is Ingrid! I am currently finishing up my second year of study in HKU. I am majoring in translation, and minoring in Italian. Despite the fact that I was born and raised locally, I love indulging myself in cultural diversities and meeting new friends. Fun Fact: I have recently fallen in love with greentea a.k.a. matcha and earl grey desserts! As a past participant of CSE 2014, I am so excited about CSE this summer and I am sure that we will fill this summer with joy and laughter!

Yeni Wong

Hello everyone! This is Yeni, a Year 3 student from the University of Hong Kong. I’m currently majoring in Social Work and Social Administration and Translation. I’ve just finished my exchange study in the United Kingdom. That’s a really eye-opening experience to me as I was given the chance to meet many new people and step out of my comfort zone. In my leisure time, I like playing sports like basketball and handball with my friends. I’m also interested in hiking and photography. Can’t wait to share with you all my interesting experiences and get to know more about you! See you very soon!


Deborah Lun

My name is Deborah, a year 3 local student studying in the University of Hong Kong, declaring double major in English language and linguistics. In future, I want to become an English teacher since it gives me satisfaction to find learners improving under my coaching and patience. I enjoy reading detective stories, particularly those written by Higashino Keigo. His books are appealing to me because of their unexpected plots.   Let me also talk about my character. I am an extrovert person since I like making friends. I am looking forward to meeting you in the HKU Crimson Summer Exchange Programme.


HKU Fellows 2015


Lung Yik Yiu Ashlyn

Hi everyone! My name is Ashlyn. and I am a year 3 student at the University of Hong Kong, where I am studying Education and Science (Double Degree), majoring in Ecology and biodiversity. I was born and raised in Hong Kong but have been studying high school in the U.K. for few years. I was a student helper of CSE last year and it gave me lots of great memories. I have diverse interests and it is so difficult to say which one I love the most. I love singing, painting and rowing. I really enjoy outdoor activities and this is one of the reasons why I like rowing. Can't wait to see you guys!


Chan Sam Kei, Samkei

Hi everyone! I’m Samkei from the University of Hong Kong and I’m now currently a year 2 local student studying law. Bowling and football are my favourite sportswhile watch live Premier League matches often at weekends. MoreoverI will play board/card games with friends and listen to pop music (particularly CantoPop!) in leisure time as well. I also like travelling since every journey is an entirely fresh experience for me to know about this world! As an interactive and outgoing person, I am more than thrilled to be one of the HKU fellows this year and I can’t wait to make friends with you all in the CSE!


Chong Man Yin

Greetings from Hong Kong! I’m Vivienne, a final year student at the University of Hong Kong studying Linguistics and Counselling. You must be thinking that I speak many languages. Not really! Haha But, I am interested in learning foreign languages. I have been to Spain to learn Spanish and taken a French course. I basically enjoy exploring anything related to languages. Apart from languages, I am a big fan of electronic dance music! I am always up for meeting people, engaging in intellectual conversations, hiking and learning. Looking forward to meeting you this summer! 


Cheung Yuen Ting Ivy

Hello! My name is Ivy and I am a second year student at the University of Hong Kong studying Marketing and Human Resources Management, minoring in Chinese Studies. I was born and raised in Hong Kong but I have spent some time in Taiwan too as most of my relatives are Taiwanese. I enjoy fencing and singing. I am also involved in social service, and will be going on a service trip in June this year! I was indeed a CSE participant in 2011, and I am very excited to come back with a different role! 


Kwan Wing Yan, Kathy

Hello there! I’m Kathy, a year 1 undergraduate studying Bachelor of Arts at the University of Hong Kong. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I’ve always enjoyed eating snacks and dessert, shopping, and meeting people from all around the world. Listening to pop and R&B music, as well as reading the latest New York Times Bestsellers are my favourite pastimes at home. I also enjoy singing karaoke with my bunch of friends and writing short stories whenever I have a break from study. I can’t wait to meet every single one of you this coming summer! 


Chu Tsz Ching Connie

Hello I am Connie! I am now in Year 1 studying Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Sciences (Double-degree) in The University of Hong Kong. I am from Hong Kong and enjoy a wide range of activities, including Archery, swimming, reading, making crafts and meeting friends through participating in exchange programmes. It is thrilling to be able to work and interact with people and students from different countries and cultures. Looking forward to meeting you all soon and hope we can have a great time together! 


Wong Yu Ching Alice

Hello! I am Alice, a year 3 HKU student who is studying Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and I am proud to be living in this vibrant city. I am studying in a busy curriculum but it cannot stop me from finding things I really love to do. My current interest is to play guitar. I am just a new beginner but I found it was always an interesting challenge when I master a new finger style song on my own.


Yu Ho Wing, Lawrence

I'm Lawrence YU, a first-year Master student from the University of Hong Kong. The most unique personal quality of mine is diversity. For example, my academic background is quite diverse. Despite a bachelor degree of Business Administration, I am now concentrating in the research of Clinical Psychology. Also, I'm a Sino-Mongolian Mix, but grow up in Hong Kong. All of these enable me to be open to experience. I like to travel to different places to challenge myself because I firmly believe "A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open (Frank Zappa)." 


Chan Lok Ting Heidi

Hi Everyone! This is Heidi from the University of Hong Kong. I am currently in my second year of study, majoring in translation studies and general linguistics. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and my favourite thing to do in leisure time would be to travel around the city to explore places with lovely food and sceneries. What interests me even more would be to expand my explorations to different parts of the world – travelling is my biggest hobby, I am always interested to meet new friends and new cultures. I look forward to meet you all soon! 


Chan Ho Wan William

Hi! I’m William, a local freshman studying in the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Economics and Finance. Rather than being an entrepreneur, I love volunteering and interact with people through engaging in service trips and charitable projects. Being grown up in the most vibrant city of Asia, I enjoy hanging out with my buddies around the city and explore different culture in local communities, such as Tai O fishing village. Other than that, I enjoy nice cuisines in this food paradise. Seafood from Sai Kung, Clay pot dishes and Dim Sum are my favorites. I’m sure that you guys will love my recommendations during your stay in Hong Kong!


Wong Yan Chun Henry

Hi Guys! I’m Henry, a fifth year student – though you probably can’t tell - in HKU doing business administration and law. I’m born and raised in Hong Kong and have been enjoying myself a lot so far. I am interested in everything that can pull me out of the library every now and then – friends, thoughtful chats (as much as silly ones), books (still), movies, hiking, drinks, outings, drawing…basically just being random and unplanned when I relax. It’s good if we share things in common, and sometimes better if we don’t so we have something new to share. Now you know why I can’t wait to meet you all this summer!


Yau Yun Kwan, Yolanda

Hi everyone! My name is Yolanda and I am a sophomore majoring in English Studies and Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong. I am a local student born and raised here. As a typical Gemini who is always curious about everything, I love exploring and trying new things, including CSE this year! I have a strong attachment to the cartoon characters McMug and McDull, and the one in the picture depicts my usual facial expression just too well… I enjoy doing voluntary work, and love meeting and chatting with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I love taking photos with people and capture all the wonderful moments in time – am sure more are awaiting us in CSE 2015! I am so excited to see you all this summer!


Tung Fong Yu Florence

I am Florence Tung, a current year 1 student in the University of Hong Kong studying law. I deem myself as an outgoing person and I play different sports such as athletics and cross-country. My recent favorite must be field hockey and I only pick it up since last September when I entered university! Apart from sports, I like to spend my leisure time on traveling to other countries. It is really a great experience to visit other places, where you can truly emerge yourself with the locals and experience their cultures in person. I love to take my camera with me so that I can capture every beautiful and mesmerizing moments throughout the trip and share with my family and friends. 


WooGyeong Jung, Ashley

I’m a third year student at University of Hong Kong, studying Education and English literature. I was born in Korea and grew up in Thailand. In my free time, I love spending time with my family and friends, watching movies and walking dogs. I enjoy travelling and exploring new places and trying out new food. As an ESL student myself, I have always been interested in teaching, especially English as a foreign language. I am so excited to be a part of Crimson Summer Exchange because I also grew up in international environment and have so much to share with CSE students and fellows from different backgrounds.


Poon Yun Hei George

Hello everyone! Welcome to Crimson Summer Exchange! I am a HKU fellow, a third year student in the University of Hong Kong majoring in English language education. Hong Kong is my hometown and I just love the city more and more everytime I am away from it travelling, studying abroad and working. Why? I'll let you know when we meet! My hobbies include travelling, hiking, choral singing and playing the piano. I am currently the tenor part singer in the student choir of my university! Look forward to seeing you this summer! 


Chafra Yasmin Samira

Having grown up in an intercultural environment, at home and at school, I’ve always taken a really strong interest in all things to do with culture, languages, the world, and what connects us together as people. Aside from this, I’ve been teaching part-time for the past four years to students of different ages and backgrounds, and have a strong belief that education, particularly one that promotes self-inquiry and creativity, is a very powerful tool for development in all senses. My name is Yasmin and I have just finished my second year at HKU. I was born and raised in Hong Kong (coincidentally my favourite city), but both sides of my family call elsewhere home. I tend to be more of an observer in life, and in my spare time I like exploring new things and enjoying old things. I like listening to different tunes, trying lots of food and learning! 


Hsu Ting Fai Brian

Hi! I am Brian, currently a second year law student of the University of Hong Kong. My acadmic interest lies not only in my major, but also in the field of social sciences. I am concerned about the social issues here and in mainland China, particularly those related to human rights and social justice. Wearing a sociological lens can be quite different from a political one, and I find this intellectually stimulating. Since I am born and bred here, I have a good understanding of the unique local culture and I am quite proud of it. Nonetheless, I also love sightseeing and tring exotic things. 


Ma Peicong

I'm a second year undergraduate student in the University of Hong Kong. My major is civil engineering. I'm from a north-western city in mainland China called Lanzhou. I'm interested in reading, writing and poetry. I also have a passion for philosophy and spiritual study. I love nature. I prefer watching the sky and birds passing by to watching movies and I prefer listening to wind and rain to listening to music.  I play basketball. I enjoy talking with people. I love travelling. 

Hello! My name is Ivy and I am a second
year student at the University of Hong
Kong studying Marketing and Human
Resources Management, minoring in
Chinese Studies. I was born and raised in
Hong Kong but I have spent some time in
Taiwan too as most of my relatives are
Taiwanese. I enjoy fencing and singing. I
am also involved in social service, and
will be going on a service trip in June this
year! I was indeed a CSE participant in
2011, and I am very excited to come back
with a different role!


Co-fellows 2014 

Lau Cheun Chung, Bob 

Hi, I am Bob! I am currently a year 2 local student in the University of Hong Kong and majoring in nursing. I love playing sports and outdoor activities like football, basketball, hiking, kayaking and you name it! Presently, I am a new player of field hockey which is definitely challenging and exciting! In addition, I also play guitar and drama in the cultural field. I have just finished a drama competition and music jam recently that are fabulous and memorable!

Caren Pearl Shin 

Hello! My name is Caren, a current final year Science undergraduate majoring in Ecology and Biodiversity at the University of Hong Kong. I’m interested in many, many things apart from having a love of nature and all things wild – it’s difficult to find something that I don’t like! Music, food, art – and of course, different sciences interest me. We’re all discovering, exploring and understanding life and the universe! You’re very welcome to connect with me using Twitter (@caren_shin) or follow my critter finds on iNaturalist (sparrow).

Chevonne Lee Wing Yan

Greetings from the University of Hong Kong! My name is Chevonne and I am currently a second year undergraduate student majoring in Earth Sciences. I was born and raised in Hong Kong as a typical local. Being a girl who loves the nature very much, I usually go hiking and taking photographs with my friends in leisure time. The Earth is a truly amazing planet that it will never stop me from exploring. I’ve been to some countries for field trips (which I treat them as travelling too) and I definitely have a lot to share with you. What I value most are the interactions with different people and the cultural and intellectual exchange. Hope that we would inspire each other through this programme and build lifelong friendship between every one of us. Can’t wait to meet you all this summer!

Dickson Wong Tat Son

Hello! I’m currently a final year student at HKU finishing my five-year double-degree programme in business and law. Although born and bred in Hong Kong, I’ve been on academic exchange in the US and also attended summer school in the UK. By joining CSE as a co-fellow I look forward to being a teacher instead of a student this time – again in a multicultural environment which I love. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, jogging, playing badminton and, above all, creating random stuff (memes, webpages, apps, you name it) on my laptop.

Edwin Ng Tsz Kit

Hey Hi! I am Edwin from Hong Kong and I am currently a 2nd year student studying in The University of Hong Kong. I believe I am an active and talkative person as I like to talk to different kinds of people around me. You may think that I am a cool guy from my facial expression but I am sure you will find the opposite once you talk to me! I also consider myself as a person who enjoys playing sports and exploring new stuffs as I participated in many various activities in my U-life like hiking and badminton. Can’t wait to join the Crimson Summer Exchange this summer and it will be a great experience for me!

Eshan Chan

I am a senior majoring in American Studies in the University of Hong Kong. I am a Hong Kongese but I usually see myself as a hybrid between the East and the West. I spent a semester abroad in Wellesley College and travelled to different cities in America. Central Park, Trader Joe’s and the cherry blossoms in D.C. are some of my favourite things in the U.S. Being a strong-willed middle child who is born with a gift of empathy, I am aspired to further my studies in International Relations and Women’s Studies, hoping to impact and empower the lives of minorities and the underprivileged. I am currently in a love-hate relationship with Earl Grey and my soul-soothing therapists are Stacey Kent and Enya.

Fion Lee Che Yan


I am a final year student completing the Bachelor of Business and Administration in Accounting and Finance (BBA(Acc&Fin)) degree in the University of Hong Kong.  I am currently staying in my hometown, Hong Kong. I am passionate in working in teams and knowing new friends.  I enjoy the atmosphere when groups of people are working towards the same goal.  It does not only provide me with the experience in collaborating with different people, and also achieve the success and joy throughout the process.  I believed that everyone has their unique strength and mindset.  I appreciate different ideas and thoughts.

Frank To Yu Wai

I am Frank, a recent law and finance graduate at the University of Hong Kong. It’s such a pleasure to meet you all here! To begin with I would describe myself as a person that likes to talk a lot!! Yes I like talking to people from all over the world. Through listening to their stories I do learn a lot about so many interesting things happening in other side of the globe!! I am also a hiking enthusiast (particularly on night trail) and a die-hard fantasy movie lover (with Star Wars: Episode IV as my all-time favorite)!! 

Kathy Kuk Ling Yuk

I am a Year One undergraduate student studying medicine in the University of Hong Kong. I was born and raised locally, and still love to explore different parts of the city with my friends when we do not feel like being lazy. When I want to spend the day at home, I watch reality shows and occasionally do some simple cooking. I have joined various programs during summers before, indeed I was a participant of the CSE 2011 program and it was great fun so I decided to come back on this program with a different role.

Kelvin Cheung Siu Hin

Hi guys, this is Kelvin from Hong Kong! I am currently a year 1 student studying law at HKU. As a local student I can speak in English, Cantonese and Mandarin (umm…some French too haha). Apart from my major, my academic interests also include history and politics. In my spare time I enjoy discussing social issues (or simply chit-chatting) with my friends, writing blogs, reading and listening to music – both classical and pop! Sometimes I also do sports like hiking, cycling and badminton with my friends.

Sheryl Cheng Sze Wan

Greetings from Hong Kong! I’m Sheryl, a current second year undergraduate student studying Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business and Global Management) at the University of Hong Kong! I was originally born in Hong Kong but spent most of my childhood days in Singapore. I’ve attended an international school when I moved back to Hong Kong, thus I followed the International Baccalaureate curriculum for university admissions. I love traveling and meeting new people from all over the world. I have spent most of my summer holidays attending summer schools, making new friends, and experiencing different cultures and traditions of different countries I’ve visited. Therefore, I can assure you that joining Crimson Summer Exchange 2014 will definitely become one of the most vibrant highlights of your life. 

So now, grab hold of your seatbelts, the two weeks you are spending here is going to be one excited experience you will never forget. Can’t wait to meet you guys!

Sophia Lin Zhe

Hi everyone! I am Sophia, currently a year 1 student studying accounting and finance in the University of Hong Kong, and I am from Guangdong Province, Mainland China. Good to see you guys~!

I like listening to music and going to concerts, though I am not really good at any instrument, well…Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra is one of my favorites, and I always go to their concerts in my spare time. Apart from that, I also pretty much enjoy doing sports, especially hiking and running. So if you want to go hiking in Hong Kong but don’t know where to go, just come to ask me~

Theodore Au Chin Ching

I am Theodore, a final year business and law student at the University of Hong Kong. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I like travelling and exploring places outside my home. I love playing tennis. Though I am not a great player, I enjoy the feeling of hitting the tennis ball hard. Hope that we will have a good time in CSE!

Veronica Wu Yi Yan

I am currently a year one student studying at The University of Hong Kong. I am doing the Science and Education double degree program, majoring in Food and Nutritional Science. I was born in Hong Kong, but I lived in various places in Asia and was brought up in international schools. Although I study Science, I still enjoy doing creative things. I have played the piano for around ten years and practiced Chinese and oil painting since young. I enjoy hiking and doing team sports such as badminton and netball. 

Viviane Yau Wai Yan

I am right now a Year 2 student of The University of Hong Kong. I am studying the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Laws. As a local Hongkonger, I love travelling around the world. Since I am particularly enthusiastic in history, I love visiting historical monuments around the world. Besides travelling, I also love reading and listening to musical. In HKU I am a student ambassador as well as a Green Gown Guide, mainly responsible for introducing my school to the public.  

Winne Tang Sui Hang

Hi, I am Winnie, a Year 2 student from HKU. I major in History and Chinese History. I am a local Hong Konger. My interests are quite cultural. I love music. I am a Soprano in a choir. I can not only enjoy music there, but also chill with other members! Apart from choir, I also play the piano. Practising the piano is an enjoyment to me. It is a good way to relax after a long busy day. I am really thrilled to meet people from different cultures. I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful experience!

Zahra Kamaruddin

My name is Zahra Kamaruddin. I am currently a second year student studying at the University of Hong Kong, graduating in 2016. I am studying in the Bachelor of Arts curriculum, with majors in History and Global Studies. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I attended Beacon Hill School and King George V School.   My hobbies include reading, writing and travelling. Furthermore, I also enjoy working with different students and like to discuss various divergent topics with students especially areas of global politics. I hope to work with all of you, here in Hong Kong. 



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